Her First Time Back At Universal For Some Spooky Halloween Fun, Delicious Crepes & More!

2020-ж., 10-окт.
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Please check out today's important link- St. Lukes Methodist Church Food Distribution Drive Through For Local Members of the Arts- www.st.lukes.org/supportarts
In today's vlog we head to Universal Orlando for Jenn and Jackson's first time back since the closures! We start with a trip to Universal Studios so Jenn can finally walk through both Halloween Horror Nights houses. We used child swap so we both got to go through the houses and then we talk about what we liked and didn't like. They were both so awesome! I think we liked the Bride of Frankenstein house the best! Then we try the crepes and the new annual pass holder banana cream pie crepe. The chicken & goat cheese, brisket and lemon blueberry crepes were delicious! The UOAP banana cream pie crepe was awful. Afterwards we head over to Islands of Adventure to get the little buddy on a ride or two! We end up checking out the trick or treat trail too! On our way over to Suess Landing we also take a look at the Velocicoaster Jurassic Park roller coaster construction progress. We can't wait for it open! We end the day with a couple of rides on the Caro-Suess-el. Jackson wasn't sure at first but he warmed up to it and he was all smiles after his second ride. We had an awesome day and we hope you enjoyed hanging out with us at Universal today! Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow with a new vid!
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  • I love how Chill Jackson is most of the time. I could see him grown up as the Head of a Corporation, very serious and sweet.

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  • I was at the parks at the time this was filmed!

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  • tim and jenny would both of you still go back to disneyworld if they went back to 100 percent to normal and all so no face masks in place they leave it up to the guest to wear them plus social distance if disneyworld gos with want the state of florida gavvernment has said that everythink is alound to go back at 100 percent and there is no face masks in plac and the same with social distane because all hotels and restaurants and bar's and pubs are alound to work at 100 percent now

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