A Trip To Disney's EPCOT! | Is Regal Eagle BBQ As Good As We Remember, A Magical Spoon & Super Deals

2020-ж., 27-окт.
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in today's vlog we head to Walt Disney World's EPCOT park for a fun day of trying new food and retrying some food we liked! We wanted to try some food we haven't tried this year yet, like the hummus fries, chocolate baklava and the the crispy pork belly. They were all really good and we would recommend trying them all! We head into the gift shop at the Japan pavilion, where we get to see how they have spaced the store out so social distance shopping is easier now. We got Jackson a cute little Gudetama, lazy egg plush. Then we head over to the Regal Eagle Smokehouse to try the BBQ again. We wanted to see if it was as good as we remember. It was! We had the brisket sandwich on garlic toast and oh man, it was good! The onion rings were also great and they both went well with the tangy mustard BBQ sauce. Then we check out the annual passholder pop up shop in Germany where we find some really great deals on merch! We got Jackson a magical spoon which he loved lol, it's not really magical but we were so surprised at just how much he loved a wooden spoon. We also got some jackets from Norway, we realized when we got home that they were both ladies jackets but both a super great deal none the less! Be sure to check out the pop up if you can! Then we call it a night and head home but we hope you had fun hanging out with us in EPCOT today! Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow with a new vid!
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  • Now I want bbq

    Sonya ShoresSonya Shores3 күн мурун
  • I'm super behind on watching my KGworld subs, but I saw you all that day!! I kept looking for me and my husband in the background of this video 🤣Glad you have a great day at Epcot! It really was such a nice day.

    WaltKristiWorldWaltKristiWorld4 күн мурун
  • I am unable to do garlic, so when using Mobile Order at Regal Eagle, are you able to request adaptations to menu items?

    Jennifer StraubJennifer Straub11 күн мурун
  • I died when Tim said it was a women's jacket! Hahahahah 🤣

    Emily NiermannEmily Niermann17 күн мурун
  • The good thing about the spoons once he's bored, you can cook with it

    Kevin rayKevin ray21 күн мурун
  • all Yoshi, no matter their color, are still called Yoshi! Yoshi is not only the name of the character, but also their species. calling Chopper from One Piece Parappa had me rolling! xD

    CelestialDarknessCelestialDarkness23 күн мурун
  • Haha hearing Tim mention Chopper from One Piece was awesome

    Stephen BraggStephen Bragg23 күн мурун
  • Omg I totally thought that was PaRappa the Rapper!!

    Ashley SAshley S24 күн мурун
  • The end of the vlog had me crying tears, between Tim reacting to Jen's mask while she was drinking and the jacket situation. Thanks for the laugh!

    Sam HelmerSam Helmer25 күн мурун
  • I love Tim and his jacket. It looks great. Wear what you like, who cares if it is a women's jacket.

    Amy ChristAmy Christ25 күн мурун
  • The pork belly looked delicious but idk if I would get it. My stomach would tear up! 😂 between the beans and the fat! Lol

    MJ Going PlacesMJ Going Places25 күн мурун
  • Seeing those foods make me hungry nice job on the vlogs keep the good work up😃😃😃

    Shayan HussainShayan Hussain26 күн мурун
  • Tim buying the women’s jacket reminds me of Michael Scott from the office when he was wearing the woman’s suit lol “it’s Miss-terious ” 😂

    Emily HolemanEmily Holeman27 күн мурун

    BunnieChanBunnieChan27 күн мурун
  • I wish I could hear the closing music longer than just three seconds. Does it have a title?

    Bee ZeeBee Zee28 күн мурун
  • I love your really casual, 'this is our friend Jimmy' like he isn't now some country music superstar!! Lol We caught him on tour in the UK a couple of years ago and he's amazing live!!

    D BrownD Brown28 күн мурун
  • We can't wait to try the food from the food and wine festival!!!

    Knight's TreksKnight's Treks28 күн мурун
  • Everyone deserves a love like Tim and a Waffle.

    Bethany GayleBethany Gayle29 күн мурун
  • I swear Jackson said “thank you” when Jenn gave him the shorter spoon 😂

    Meghan LundgrenMeghan LundgrenАй мурун
  • pork belly should have been on rice. too man y flavors with beans

    KiddsockTVKiddsockTVАй мурун
  • Laughed at "your baklava looked bigger than I thought it was"

    Michael TompkinsMichael TompkinsАй мурун
  • Great video

    Etika RibssEtika RibssАй мурун
  • The jacket looks great, keep it!

    Tanya H.Tanya H.Ай мурун
  • The pocket in the jacket is probably there so you can fold the jacket into itself, to make it small and easy to carry!

    Taylor LTaylor LАй мурун
  • That school bread sounds delicious!

    Melissa2087Melissa2087Ай мурун
  • And like black Barbosa beer

    pyropete43pyropete43Ай мурун
  • Are the perfume stores at the French pavilion at Epcot open?

    Angie AdamesAngie AdamesАй мурун
  • Love the way you guys have fun without having a busy day. Good for you. Keep up the great work.

    David PalovchakDavid PalovchakАй мурун
  • Jackson and his wooden spoon- lovin' it!

    David PalovchakDavid PalovchakАй мурун
  • I wish he would take time to chew and enjoy his food and not force it down so he can talk to us without a mouth full. I feel bad, because he says its really good but it is gone in seconds the way he eats it when he wants to talk about it.

    Michael LegereMichael LegereАй мурун
  • Love the chocolate baklava! Can’t wait to get back to try regal eagle

    Lisa’s Disney LifeLisa’s Disney LifeАй мурун
  • I have an antique clock from Germany that I got from my grandparents from when they lived in Germany for a short time while my grandfather was in the military.

    Sammantha LewisSammantha LewisАй мурун
  • Gettin me and ma brother a good BBQ and sum fried chicken b4 bro. Then listein to sum DP DELTAPAROLE and PM and METALLICA.

    greypokegreygreypokegreyАй мурун
  • If you like it and it fits you, who cares if it’s technically a woman’s jacket! Wear it all you like!

    bishkbishkАй мурун
  • Why would you give you a 10-month-old baby at wooden spoon? Hope you don’t start smacking people wouldn’t

    Barbara DunleavyBarbara DunleavyАй мурун
  • Funny when Jenn says you could take the jacket back to exchange it.. you kinda like it.🙂. I think it looks good on you. No one will know it's a womans jacket. If you like it; keep it.

    Teresa PradoTeresa PradoАй мурун
  • 😆😆we going get matching jackets and be those people

    Shiqueta MartinShiqueta MartinАй мурун
  • The spoon from France is one of my very favorite purchase from Epcot! Lol

    Brianne BurdickBrianne BurdickАй мурун
  • The birds... That was a scary movie ! You were only defending your son ! :)

    Corinne RenshawCorinne RenshawАй мурун
  • You could try a light blanket or something like that and drape it over the front so he can’t see anything 👍🏻

    KpopBishForeverKpopBishForeverАй мурун
  • I loved the way Tim said One Piece 😂

    KpopBishForeverKpopBishForeverАй мурун
  • A wooden spoon... who knew?!

    Annelies ThuwisAnnelies ThuwisАй мурун
  • If the jacket makes you happy....enjoy!

    a beamzna beamznАй мурун
  • I'm here for the lady @ 25:27 lol

    TitustailsTitustailsАй мурун
  • OMG I literally laughed out loud when Tim said to Jen "What the...?! Are you drinking your water?" HAHAHA! (Thank you Jen for not editing it out!) I seriously love you both! I appreciate all the work you do to bring all of us the Disney magic!

    Ms VMs VАй мурун
  • @thetimtracker the pink yoshi name is Birdo

    k buinowskik buinowskiАй мурун
  • Jackson liked that spoon so much he said thank you!

    Y.L. C.Y.L. C.Ай мурун
  • I notice you guys sample a lot of foods that are not exactly thought of as nutrishious. Why?

    June Ann MossJune Ann MossАй мурун
    • Onion rings, healthy?

      June Ann MossJune Ann MossАй мурун
  • Any time there is a festival at Epcot (when is there not?) we always try to get at least one thing at every booth. Because we always have PH's we just bop in and out of Epcot and that tends to be at least one meal a day. It's easy to do if my son is with me but if I'm by myself I don't always meet the goal.

    Loves to DiveLoves to DiveАй мурун
  • Loved the “magic wooden spoon”!! I’m German and loved that store! Thx for sharing J just keeps getting cuter! Was in WDW a year ago this weekend. Miss it- my Disneyland is still closed.😩 Happy Halloween to Piglet!

    Carol PisarskiCarol PisarskiАй мурун
  • You should get a snoozeshade for the stroller makes it almost blackout, helped our little boy go for naps when out

    Ashleigh Hanna-BullochAshleigh Hanna-BullochАй мурун
  • The pouch is for your SKI LIFT TICKET.

    MsHeatherbishopMsHeatherbishopАй мурун
  • Tim: Does that make sense? Jen: No.

    Gerald MenendezGerald MenendezАй мурун
  • “Gourmet” is pronounced “gore-may”.. Gourmet.. lol.. 😂

    Gregg BGregg BАй мурун
    • They know... it's an inside joke lol :)

      TitustailsTitustailsАй мурун
  • Try reclining Jackson and draping a thin blanket (like swaddling blanket) over the stroller umbrella to block his view a little. Leave the sides open for ventilation! That plus a sound machine should help him take stroller naps in the park!

    Ashley TobiasAshley TobiasАй мурун
  • You were rocking the jacket Tim!

    Harriet BronsteinHarriet BronsteinАй мурун
  • Good vlog and Thank you

    Jari NielsenJari NielsenАй мурун
  • One thing my wife and I do to help our little one's fall asleep in parks or at the zoo is to cover the stroller with a small sheet or blanket and have a noise machine. It blocks out the visual distractions and noise.

    Tim ScriptureTim ScriptureАй мурун
  • seriously what is your diet?

    oliviasoliviasАй мурун
  • Tim do you read the comments? I like your women's jacket lol

    Carl GoldCarl GoldАй мурун
  • I love how Jackson gets all vocal and calls out to "Dada" every time Tim is eating something sweet. Its like he knows what he's missing out on.

    Marsha AMarsha AАй мурун
  • Great video

    Felipe 10Felipe 10Ай мурун
  • Ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tim and Jen haha and Jackson and love all the videos I watch over and over again. But we need to get Tim to eat with a fork the proper way like he was not in prison 😂.

    billy ccbilly ccАй мурун
  • Wow is it dead there. And man that brisket sandwich looks sooooooo gooood!

    capmuggycapmuggyАй мурун
  • I love Jen so much!

    Kris KellerKris KellerАй мурун
  • my boys did great sleeping in the stroller when they were younger.. the noise machine (or phone with calming music) in the stroller, cover the stroller with a blanket, find a quiet spot and rock it.. out like a light real quick! good luck..

    Emily WillisEmily WillisАй мурун
  • that windbreaker looks so nice. I’m glad the weather here in Orlando is starting to cool down a little bit compared to how it was in July-August. Jackson and his excitement for spoons be too cute!

    headass stephheadass stephАй мурун
  • Good vlog and Thank you

    Jari NielsenJari NielsenАй мурун
  • Parappa the rapper! Omg I feel old. Kick, chop, kick, kick, chop nostalgic flash back. Thanks Tim

    Steve RyanSteve RyanАй мурун
  • Have you tried the snooze shade to see if Jackson would sleep. Really good

    Susan GurlingSusan GurlingАй мурун
  • The cheesy Brazil bread is so so good at Skipper canteen, better than the one at the Brazil booth.

    Donna MontemagniDonna MontemagniАй мурун
  • I was hoping to see you guys in person, my husband & I have been here all week. We were in Epcot yesterday ( Wednesday). We tried many of your suggestions, so many good foods.

    Donna MontemagniDonna MontemagniАй мурун
  • The pouch on the back of the jacket is for a ski pass. Love, Canada 🇨🇦

    Kelsey HaddadKelsey HaddadАй мурун
  • Jackson and his spoon was absolutely adorable! His reaction was so cute.

    Emma ONeillEmma ONeillАй мурун
  • Thank god my son spoke up (sitting by the popcorn cart) to tell you we love the videos...I was speechless. Jackson is even more cute in person!!

    amclstramclstrАй мурун
  • On Jens food reviews she turns into Gordon Ramsay in the way she describes things 😂😂😂😂

    Rollerskater71Rollerskater71Ай мурун
  • Like Forky but a spoon 😂

    dancingangel95dancingangel95Ай мурун
  • PLEASE be careful!! COVID numbers are rising and creating re-instatement of shutdowns. You two are out a lot more increasing your exposure! Sorry! But love you guys and have been following you for years and am just feeling like we are back in March again! :-( XOXO

    Michelle AnguianoMichelle AnguianoАй мурун
  • I have that jacket but in black. It’s awesome.

    Jennifer CottonJennifer CottonАй мурун
  • I looked at the views and it's 123,456!! love it!

    Christie MurphyChristie MurphyАй мурун
  • AWE!!! Jen he has your eyes

    Kristi BurgosKristi BurgosАй мурун
  • I had no idea they had Sanrio and Nintendo stuff in the Japan shop. That's awesome!

    Macy HornMacy HornАй мурун
  • I love the fact that tim doesn't care that it's a "women's" jacket

    Leshly RodriguezLeshly RodriguezАй мурун
  • Yes! Representing Norway!!

    Randi LysholmRandi LysholmАй мурун
  • The pouch on windbreakers is so you can fold it up into the pouch & it seals with the Velcro to make it easier to transport in your backpack when not in use.

    Cheryl BaxterCheryl BaxterАй мурун
  • When were you in the UK? Did you vlog? Would love to see it!

    Marina WatersMarina WatersАй мурун
  • I love that Tim was like, “I like the jacket! I don’t care if it’s for women!” Very secure in who you are - what a great example for Jackson! 😀

    D MD MАй мурун
  • Tim, calm down 😝😝. I absolutely love walking through the Japan store, expensive but interesting 👍

    Kate SommervilleKate SommervilleАй мурун
  • babies love spoons, who knew

    swtlitlangel88 tswtlitlangel88 tАй мурун
  • This is a GREAT video, so much fun!

    Averill SpringerAverill SpringerАй мурун
  • Question, what portable ac fan do you guys use for Jackson at he parks? Could you send a link?

    Jenny VasJenny VasАй мурун
  • So I rarely comment on videos, but my BF and I love watching you both and have been for years. We had to say something today though, because we love those Norway jackets and are, sadly, stuck up north. We are pass holders and have canceled all our trips due to Covid. We have one scheduled for December, but that will probably get postponed. Anyway, we thought it was hysterical that Tim bought the women’s jacket and then, after learning that, still wants to keep it! Go Tim. Why not! It looks great! Also, Jackson and the Spoon! Love it. He is so cute! Enjoy the nice jackets, and keep bringing us great videos! They really do help those of us who can’t be there now, feel closer to the parks. Plus the home vlogs rock! Thanks again guys! Stay safe 😁

    Amy RAmy RАй мурун
  • I’m curious how many people stop and say hello to y’all in the parks..

    Jaci ElrodJaci ElrodАй мурун
  • Tim Tracker gets more views than Biden or Harris. Hmmm makes you think huh

    jason kjason kАй мурун
  • Hey guys love the videos! Could you tell me which stroller you have? Looks like the perfect stroller for the parks!

    Grace DRGrace DRАй мурун
  • Whenmy nephew was little he loved the big wooden spoon so much that we drew a face on the front and wrote his name and the year on the back

    Brittany Townsend 24Brittany Townsend 24Ай мурун
  • the pink yoshi's name is Birdo, known in japanese as Catherine

    Melisa JohnsonMelisa JohnsonАй мурун
  • Keep the Jacket! Looks good.

    Ols BolsOls BolsАй мурун
  • Fun video as always. Loved Jackson and the spoon! (btw, no shame in Tim wearing that cute jacket. It's just fine--gender neutral imho)

    Lisa CrazeLisa CrazeАй мурун
  • The birds were being shifty eyed haha.

    HollyweedsHollyweedsАй мурун